A perfect laptop for everyone?

Today I was wondering, is there a perfect laptop for everyone, and if so, who is going to be the manufacturer of that awesome machine.

The perfect screen size?

First of all, if there is a perfect laptop, it should match a medium size, perfectly 14″, so it is not that big, and at the same time portable. However, some people may find 14″ as a pretty small screen.

I have to say that I have experienced the same problem back in 2011, when I went to college. I found my 15.6″ Sony Vaio as extremely huge device, so I bought my 13.3″ Macbook.

Despite the high resolution on the Macbook, I found it hard to design websites on such a small screen. But I found that even on 15.6″ it was hard to design, so 13.3″ was just the perfect display size for all my activities, except watching movies and designing on Photoshop. Here comes the power of external monitors. So I bought a 23″ large screen, which solved all of my problems.

So cloud 13.3″-14″ be the perfect screen size?

Operating system and software

The most argued question ever. Some people prefer using Windows, some others Mac OS X, or even Linux based system, and all that for a reason.

For example, as I mentioned earlier, I am a professional web designer. My job requires a stable OS, designed to suit my needs, which are – Photoshop. Simply, I can go with both Windows and Mac OS X.

I’d say – don’t bother the software compatibilities of Mac OS X – there is always an alternative. In some cases, alternatives are even greater.

Battery health, hardware importance

Battery health is of big importance as we speak about portable decides. Most manufacturers claim to have their devices running up to 10 hours on a single charge. Is this true? Noes.

I’ve had the chance to test many laptops over the past. From personal experience, I can say that once you install 3rd party software, it can instantly change the hardware performance of your device, and therefore reduce battery power.

Another factor that may concern the battery life is the hardware itself. More RAM will cost you more power, and therefore batteries will quickly went off. That’s why I love MacBooks – each little bit of hardware is placed inside a purpose, it is tested, and is consistent with the other hardware parts.


To conclude, I’d say that the 13.3″ Macbook may not be the perfect laptop for everyone, but it is at least a perfect laptop.


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